Watching the news station or any late night show, you’ll see a host interviewing someone. They’re usually promoting a topic, event, product or movie. A series of back-to-back interviews with the same spokesperson speaking about a similar topic with multiple programs is called a press tour. An organization, will send a spokesperson to travel across a region to promote their service. Podcasts and radio shows use this form of marketing often. The benefit of having a Podcast Media Tour or Radio Media Tour is that you save travel costs by recording from one studio and having each radio host or podcast host dial into a recorded line, making your time far more efficient. What could take days of traveling now happens in one studio over a period of 4 hours of back-to-back interviews..

Having a Press Tour

Going on a press tour is an interesting situation to live through. You’re usually traveling across the nation promoting something you created and trying to promote it. Most of the journalists are used to asking questions to make the segment more engaging. It’s on the spokesperson refine the speaking points to target each audience they are speaking to through that program.

Who Should Organize Your Press Tour?

Organizing a press tour is a headache of a process. Thankfully, there are companies who want to make marketing easier for you, while also drastically increasing your listeners. CB Radio Toursfor those in radio or podcasting. Creating content is enough of a hassle to deal with, adding on the stress of planning a nationwide tour is enough to break people. Partner with people who want to ease this point in your life.