We live in a truly glamorous time; entertainment is everywhere. Content can be easily made by anyone and shared on various platforms for everyone to see. However, this abundance in content has led to an oversaturation of media, causing a drowning feeling and a paradox of choice. People don’t know what to pick because there is so much out there to choose from, so they keep looking for the next best thing. It leads to the common phrase of “nothing is on” even though there are thousands of choices.

To overcome this problem, marketers have started to use an effective tool to help people find the exact entertainment for them. In an age where podcasts have not only become popular, but become a primary method for people to show their creativity, it’s important to differentiate yourself. Becoming a top player in a game with millions can be a struggle, unless you have the right tools to help you out.

What is Microtargeting?

Microtargeting is pinpointing your exact interests and sending those advertisements your way. After all, you’re going to have to deal with advertisements anyways, might as well send you information regarding your interests. The way these marketers are able to identify your interests are through tools like “cookies” and “tracking pixels”. They watch what you are doing and analyze your patterns for what you’re mainly interested in.

You can see it happens frequently on social media platforms. Scrolling through your feed you might have seen promoted content based on something you were looking for yesterday. This is because the software controlling these sites are examining the stored cookies it gave you, which sorts through the masses of data you harnessed from your online searching.

These companies don’t sell your data without your knowledge, especially with the most recent regulatory guidelines being implemented throughout the world. Now, it’s easy to read and understand what all these sites are doing with your data. However, this data has led thousands of campaigns and companies to stardom. They are not only able to promote certain products, but forms of media you’ll be interested in.

Why Should I Use Microtargeting for Podcasts?

Using microtargeting, your podcast will be shared with people who have shown an exact interest in your topic. It will ensure your viewership will increase as long as you use this form of advertising. CB Radio Tours will be able to pinpoint the perfect people to advertise to. For example, were you a host of a comedy true-crime podcast they’ll obviously advertise to those invested in the macabre.

However, they’ll also be able to look through social media posts to see if there are any other interests appearing frequently between these people. Were it common for those interested in this topic to like to drink, then they’d start to serve advertisements on sites involved with that activity. Don’t worry, grabbing their attention will be a simple process for them, keeping them as your listeners is on you, though.