As the owner of a small e-business you see the tribulations ahead of you when it comes to spreading the name of your brand. You don’t have a local store people can just walk up to and enter. You must rely on the word-of-mouth, social media or your online advertisements working. However, this can be an unreliable process as most people will just scroll past the ad. Having people buy your product requires trust and it’s hard to build it if their interest isn’t there.

Reaching and engaging an audience is a notable feat for many businesses. People who listen or watch podcasts or radio shows are typically more engaging with their respective audiences. It’s usually because they’ve built a trusting relationship with the person on the other end. Curious about testing a radio commercial, you arrange a meeting to purchase air time. However, a week later you’re told about the wonders of podcasts, but don’t quite see the difference between the two. Below are several of the most prominent differences between the two.

Podcast Vs Radio

Podcasts have risen in popularity in recent years. Many podcasters have even gone on to be celebrities in Hollywood. Marc Maron has his own show with five seasons released at the moment. Chris Hardwick has gone on to host a variety of late night talk shows. Radio has still maintained its popularity though, with millions listening in every day. But, choosing the right form to market your product is crucial.

Podcast Sponsorships

Unlike radio, podcasts don’t require certain frequencies to be distributed nor do you need to tune in to a certain time to listen to your show. You download a podcast, which means you also download the advertisement with it. The audience will always hear this sponsorship whenever they listen to the episode. Meaning you’ve essentially paid for a permanent advertisement, allowing you to reach new audiences whenever they arrive.

Since podcasts are more niche than radio stations the audience will be perfectly targeted for your product. You’ll be given the option to decide who specifically will be listening to your ad. Your ad will also be one of few adverts within the podcast. Most podcasts run between 20 minutes to an hour and contain about one to three advertisements. Each ad is usually around 30 to 60 seconds, which means the listener won’t be bombarded with a line of companies telling them to buy their service or product.

The listener won’t automatically tune out what they are listening to now, and they’ll also be more determined to seek out what is being advertised. People listen to podcasts almost every day and start to build a relationship with the host; they see them as reputable source. With the host always doing the paid endorsement, they will be able to influence the listener—from the trust they formed—to try the sponsored product. This trust is key in advertising, because without it the consumer won’t be willing to spend money on something with little potential to satisfy them.

Radio Commercials

Since radio stations are local they don’t have the same reach as podcasts, but you’ll be able to establish a local following. Becoming a local staple has been incredibly successful for many establishments. In-N-Out is sought after like gold and Denny’s is all over the world. Starting local also shows the commitment to your town.

Unfortunately, many radio stations have been oversaturated with commercials, meaning you could be the fifth commercial in a slot of eight. Commercials are placed in schedule of when they appear. Unlike podcasts, which usually have their advertisements placed in the beginning, middle or end; radio stations are scattered throughout the whole day. To get through all the commercials they’ll end up playing them one after another.

However, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience. While most radio stations are about general topics, this leaves an opening to reach different audiences you wouldn’t reach with niche targeting. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all of this by yourself. There are services available for you to market your brand on radio or podcasts. CB Radio Tours aims to spread awareness about your brand and has been successful in our campaigns. Don’t let these frustrations cause you to make hasty decisions, allow others to help you in this endeavor.