How to Publish a Podcast

Once you have a recorded podcast, the next crucial step is to publish the podcast all over the Internet. It is important for podcasters to determine where they want their podcast to be hosted and the steps they need to go through to make it happen. Luckily, you can utilize the information here to publish your podcast and start building up your audience.

CB Radio Tours is focused on working with podcasters to help them grow their audience and appeal to more listeners. Our services allow you to find a target audience and find different channels to give your show more exposure. We also offer plenty of information for podcasters to publish their show. Here is a look at how to publish a podcast and get your show everywhere.

Find A Podcast Host

Now that you have a file of your podcast recorded, the next step is to get podcast hosting. Paying for a service, you’ll be able to host your podcast files and get the show online. You will be able to upload the files to the site and in turn, get an RSS Feed that will help you post the podcast through different platforms.

Podcast hosting can be done through places such as libsyn and SoundCloud. By uploading your podcast to these platforms, you create RSS Feeds out of your shows. With a link to your RSS Feed, you will be able to get your show on a number of different platforms. This is key to making your podcast available to listeners.

Podcast Platforms

Once you have hosted your podcast through a host that will create an RSS Feed for your show, you can start getting your podcast on the different platforms many listeners use. The most important platform to host your podcast on is iTunes. iTunes is responsible for about 70% of listens for any show. You need to make sure that your podcast is available on iTunes to maximize your audience.

You get your podcast on iTunes by submitting the RSS Feed, images, and information required for the show to be displayed. You can do the same for other platforms such as Stitcher. The main ingredient needed to get your podcast on different platforms is the RSS Feed. From there, much of the information will auto-populate on the platform.

Grow Your Podcast With CB Radio Tours

Now that you have your podcast on all the different platforms for your listeners, it is time to start getting more exposure. With CB Radio Tours, you’ll be able to target an audience that will give you a bigger following. If you want to gain more ground through your podcast and reach better listeners, you can work with us to make it happen. Learn more about our Podcast Media tours here and start growing!