Podcast Marketing

If you run a podcast, it is crucial to find an audience and grow your listeners. This opens the door to sponsorships and more support while also sharing your expertise on any subject. Using podcast marketing, you can reach a much greater audience and build a bigger community around your topics. If you want to grow your podcast, you can do so by taking advantage of podcast marketing.

CB Radio Tours is the best resource for scheduling back-to-back radio interviews for your brand. We’ve worked with podcasters to create tours across the country. Our goal is to align your brand with an audience that is interested in what you have to say and actively seeking content you create. Learn more about podcast marketing and how we can help you target an audience and effectively represent your show.

Push The Show on iTunes

iTunes accounts for 70 percent of podcast listens. It is the single biggest platform for your podcasts and if you aren’t posting your podcast there, you better start. Be sure to have a few episodes of your show ready to post immediately. iTunes loves to highlight podcasts through its New and Noteworthy section. You get some extra exposure for the first two weeks of posting.

One of the most important aspects of iTunes algorithm is the review system. You want to make sure that your show has plenty of five star reviews to gain more visibility on the platform. Be sure to ask your listeners to leave a review. They are sure to give you a great review and make your podcast more visible on iTunes.

Have Guests on Your Podcast

One of the greatest ways to grow your audience is by taking advantage of another person’s audience. Inviting people on your show for interviews will give them a chance to share your show with their viewers and listeners. This also allows you to interact more with the community around your topic.

Likewise, it is a great idea to guest on other podcasts. This is your opportunity to reach more people and make yourself known within another podcast community. People who are fans of podcasts often enjoy finding other podcasts to listen to. Find a podcast that you can guest on and expose yourself to a bigger audience.

Grow Your Podcast With CB Radio Tours

Finally, a great way to reach more people is to take your podcast on the road. With CB Radio Tours, you can plan a tour and reach your target audience more effectively than ever before. If you want to gain more ground through your podcast and reach better listeners, you can work with us to make it happen. Learn more about our Podcast Media tours here and start growing! You can also learn more about podcasts by following the links below.