Radio Media Tours to Build a Brand

Creating radio media tours and attracting listeners is easier said than done. Fortunately, CB Radio Tours can help you achieve both to bring more attention and business to your company. Radio media tours are a great way to spread information about your company, attract customers, and properly display your business to consumers. By producing an effective radio interview with CB Radio, we can ensure optimal results in garnering attention around your own or a client’s brand.

In producing a successful radio interview for any business, the experienced media relations team at CB Radio Tours will assess which radio stations and podcasts will suit your brand for the best results. Once we’ve collaboratively targeted the ideal audience and radio stations, we’ll work to develop a number of news hooks and interview questions to engage listeners and pique interests. As you familiarize yourself with Radio Media Tours, be sure to check out the rest of our radio marketing resources for more insight into the work we provide.

What is a Radio Media Tour?

A radio media tour typically consists of a 10-minute interview between the brand spokesperson and the radio stations the Radio Media Tour is pitched to. Once the targeted stations have been pitched to, these interviews are then lined up back to back, reaching a broad, yet targeted audience in a matter of hours. The quick results and fairly short development time make radio media tours a cost-effective means to marketing a brand. Of course, there’s still plenty of work that goes into creating and developing a successful radio media tour, and CB Radio possess the experience and media relations team to make this happen.

The Radio Media Tour Process

Radio Media Tour Components - CB Radio Tours NYC

Radio Media Tour Example

Though the concept of a radio media tour is fairly simple, it can still be hard to imagine just what it entails or sounds like. To help you get a better idea of how a tour sounds, we’ve provided a real world example below, courtesy of Spray Perfect™ Nail Polish and Ocean City radio station, WOCM.

Creating a Radio Media Tour

For the best results in developing intriguing information that both engages the audience and correctly portrays your business, CB Radio Tours can surely help attain those results. Without the help of visual stimulation, radio spots must be accurate, precise, and interesting to keep listeners tuned in and attentive. To achieve this, our proven relations team will work with you to produce attention-grabbing news and interview questions. Additionally, we’ll coordinate interviews, create a schedule, and develop message points for your brand’s spokesperson.

Once all of the content for your company’s radio media tour is approved, CB Radio Tours will begin lining up radio interviews, which can all be recorded in our top-notch studio, located in the heart of New York City. Our recording studio features state-of-the-art equipment, backed with experienced and professional audio engineers. Our engineers will record and mix your interviews, ensuring perfect sound.

Mixing and Recording Your Radio Interview

As mentioned, the success of radio spots depends primarily on the overall sound, as radio content does not have the assistance of visual stimulation to keep listeners interested. That being said, CB Radio’s audio engineers will record and mix your radio interview to achieve the perfect sound. With other vendors, this is most often not an option. Typically, vendors must seek out a recording studio for clients, which may post problems with scheduling and availability. Plus, the recording studio may end up not being a good fit for the brand.

Radio Media Tour Resources

In short, radio media tours can have an outstanding impact on the success and public awareness of your business. Not only do interviews help share information about your company, they can also be beneficial in attracting costumers and properly portraying your company’s approach and purpose. In addition to your radio media tour, consider utilizing CB Radio’s audio news release service for news announcements and more. If you’d like more information on radio media tours, check out the resources provided below:

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