Podcast Media Tours: How It Works

Podcast media tours are essentially no different than radio media tours. Of course, instead of pitching radio stations, we’ll target a series of podcasts relevant to the brand and industry at hand. Within the process, we’ll help you write the interview, determine appropriate podcasts to target, and line up the interviews for such.

Podcast Marketing

With a seasoned team of audio engineers and experienced marketers, we can help garner attention around your brand to engage the targeted audience and effectively represent the brand’s image. From the initial stages through the actual podcast media tour, and even podcast marketing, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Why Choose Podcast?

Considering the many ways podcasts can be accessed, and how much of the population is now online, podcasts listenership has seen fairly significant growth year after year. While the increased listenership is certainly a benefit for businesses, the demographics within that also present great opportunity for reach and engagement.

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