The Audio News Release

When it comes to creating radio spots for your business, no one does it better than CB Radio Tours. Our services range from top-notch radio media tours to audio news releases, with the option for multilingual new releases as well. Audio news releases are a great way to spread information about your company and attract new customers. CB Radio can help in all aspects of creating your news release, and ensure optimal results for your business’s radio spot. Leave it to the professionals and let CB Radio lend a hand.

With our audio news release service, we’ll start from scratch and assist you in creating an effective announcement for your business. From here, we’ll cast for voice over talent, give your announcement a precise script, and get to recording with your brand spokesperson. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with ANRs, you can find more information with regards to radio marketing on our radio resources page.

What is an Audio News Release?

Radio "On Air" for Audio News ReleaseAs defined, an audio news release (ANR) is a 60-second radio spot which features your own or your client’s brand, often used to spread information about a product or service. Typically, the 60-second segment also includes a pre-recorded soundbite directly from the brand spokesperson. A successful audio news release, also known as a radio news release, needs to appeal to listeners and stay on point. Of course, this is where CB Radio Tours can lend a hand. Whether you own your a brand or represent that at a PR firm, we’ll work with you collaboratively to write a concise script, record the ANR, and mix the final product for optimal sound.

Developing the Audio News Release

A quick overview of our Audio News Release service is provided below, and we’ll break down some of the main components to follow.

  1. Creation of announcement
  2. Casting of Voiceover (VO) talent
  3. Script for Voiceover (VO) talent
  4. Quote for brand spokesperson
  5. Recording of brand spokesperson
  6. Editing, mixing
  7. Distribution of Audio News Release (ANR) to terrestrial radio and Internet radio stations
  8. Sharable audio file for brand website
  9. Reporting

Voice Over: Casting and Script

In producing an effective and powerful audio news release, a precise and well-thought-out script is always necessary. We’ll take your thoughts down on paper and re-purpose them into the perfect script for your radio spot. While we can work collaboratively to develop an appropriate script, there’s a few things you can keep in mind as your prepare the content for your ANR. Remember, an ANR is typically 30 to 60 seconds, so you’ll need to be selective in determining what message points to include in the audio news release. To make things easier, you can break it into a few segments.

First, start with an introduction that is both compelling and telling about the topic of the ANR. Make it interesting from the start. Next, work in your key message points—this will be the bulk of the ANR. Finally, close out the ANR by summarizing the message points and be sure to include a strong call to action. Additionally, consider the following tips as you prepare the script.

Developing the ANR Script: 3 Tips

  • Depending on the length of the ANR (30 or 60 seconds) you’ll need to time the aforementioned segments. The three segments should either be approximately 10 or 20 seconds long.
  • Consider how short 30 to 60 seconds is. You’ll need to keep the script concise. Additionally, keep it fairly informal. The audience will better respond to a friendly and conversational tone.
  • Be sure to have a trigger at the very beginning of the ANR—something that will immediately grab the audience’s attention. This could be a statistic or a main feature of a product.

Keep in mind: a perfect script is nothing without the right voice. Because there is no visual stimulation within radio content, your script and the audio quality of your ANR are of utmost importance. Accordingly, CB Radio will cast for an accompanying voice over talent to give your news release optimal audio quality. It’ll then be time to record, edit, and mix the audio news release to ensure quality sound.

Recording and Mixing the Audio News Release

With a state-of-the-art recording studio in the heart of New York City, our experienced and professional audio engineers will record your brand spokesperson, along with your news release, and properly mix and edit the sound so your business can receive optimal results. With other vendors, the recording studio may not always be on site, as most others must rent a studio. This can also lead to scheduling conflicts, with the possibility of the studio not being a good fit for the brand. This isn’t an issue with CB Radio Tours, and we take care of the editing as well.

Much like an effective script and voice over, editing and mixing plays a key role in the overall sound of your radio spot, in which sound is an important factor. Every aspect of sound should be considered in creating a successful radio spot, and CB Radio has the knowledge, experience and resources to achieve that perfect sound.

Additional Audio News Release Resources

Though the team here at CB Radio Tours can assist you in the entire audio news release process, it always helps to familiarize yourself with pertinent information. When executed properly, ANRs can present a range of benefits for a brand, and the resources below can help ensure your radio news release is carried out effectively.

Developing an ANR with CB Radio Tours

In working with CB Radio Tours, you’ll better reach your targeted audience and receive a detailed report regarding the ANR’s success. Additionally, we’ll ensure the brand’s message is effectively projected. Whether you’d like to create the script yourself or leave it in the hands of our media relations team, we can work together to ensure the message matches the brand image and appeals to the targeted audience.

In short, audio news releases can be very helpful in garnering attention around your business and sharing information about it. Contact CB Radio Tours today to get started on your own audio news release, or check out our other radio marketing services. You can give us a call at 212.629.6532.