Here at CB Radio Tours, we employ a few, key services within radio marketing and promotion. Aiding both PR firms and business owners alike in garnering attention around their brands, we rely on the power of radio, as well as podcasts, to reach targeted audiences, project important company information, and ultimately increase the visibility of said brands. We accomplish these feats by providing our clients with effective radio media tours, podcast media tours, and audio news releases.

Of course, there’s more to radio marketing than simply creating ads and airing them on radio stations. Radio media tours and audio news releases encompass far more, as they’re geared to engage listeners, provide valuable information, and build brand awareness. Given that radio marketing entails a great deal of planning and work, our resource page is intended to help you better understand radio and how it can be used to promote a brand and speak with consumers. Check out our radio marketing resources below and be sure to check back often for new information.

Radio Marketing

When considering radio marketing, the first question for many is why radio? In short, terrestrial radio (AM/FM) is the most widely used media platform in the US—and that includes television and internet. Not only do a vast majority of Americans tune into radio each week, but they listen for hours on end. From a business standpoint, however, it may be more appealing to hear most of these listeners are employed adults.

Of course, terrestrial radio isn’t the only outlet for radio marketing. Radio media tours and audio news releases can both be pitched to podcasts, internet radio, and satellite radio stations—providing further opportunity to reach a large, targeted audience. Additionally, considering the variety of radio stations and the demographics therein, radio allows businesses to closely target a specific audience. To get a better idea of radio and our services based around such, take a look at the pages below:

Radio Marketing Services

Radio Media Tours

As mentioned, CB Radio Tours offers two key services within radio marketing: radio media tours and audio news releases. Each are viable options in promoting a brand and sharing important information, however, each works quite differently from the other.

Radio media tours typically consist of a 10-15 minute interview between radio station hosts and the brand spokesperson. In developing the radio tour, we’ll work with you collaboratively to create a strong script, select applicable radio stations, pitch to those stations, and carry out the RMT. For further information on radio media tours, check out the resources we’ve listed below:

Podcast Media Tours

Podcast media tours are much like that for radio, yet we target a range of podcasts for the interviews. Though radio is the number-one platform in terms of audience reach, podcast listenership is also quite staggering. Moreover, podcasts provide clients the opportunity to reach a more focused audience—as podcasts cover a broad range of specific topics and interests. To learn more about what goes into a podcast media tour, as well as the benefits for brands, check out the pages below:

Audio News Releases

Audio news releases, on the other hand, work a bit differently. An audio news release is quite similar to a press release, yet in audio form. Typically 60 seconds, the ANR is best used to spread information about a product or service, featuring a soundbite from the brand spokesperson. The message itself can be read by professional voice over talent, supplied by CB Radio Tours. Also known as radio news releases, ANRs are a great and quick way to reach your targeted audience.

For more info, view the pages below:

Additional Resources

Like we said before, terrestrial radio isn’t our only outlet when it comes to radio promotion. While AM and FM radio stations reach more Americans than any other media platform, internet radio, satellite radio, and podcasts are also viable options in promoting a brand. Just as we’d pitch to terrestrial radio stations, we can also pitch your RMT or ANR to a range of stations within the aforementioned platforms. No matter the outlet, however, CB Radio Tours will work with you throughout the entire process—whether you’d like to develop a radio media tour or audio news release. From radio mixing to editing, we’ll help you in each step of the process.

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