Podcasting in recent years has propelled many of these entertainers to the limelight. Marc Maron has his own show with five seasons under its belt. Chris Hardwick is almost everywhere these days, from comic book conventions to hosting late night talk shows. Even podcasts like “Lore” and “Serial” have been adapted into TV shows. Podcasts are rising in popularity and is a viable career to follow, but it requires a lot of hard work.

Not only do you have to create original and entertaining content, but you need to do enough to make a career out of it. This requires making deals with companies for podcast sponsorships. Trying to arrange meetings with these types of people can be nerve wracking, especially if you are a podcaster with no experience. Thankfully, there are ways to navigate the business world of podcasting with ease.

What Are Podcast Advertisers Looking For?

Acquiring sponsorships for your podcast can be intimidating at first, because the first thing these companies are looking for is how big your audience is. Your audience is the most important thing in these dealings, without them these companies would make no money. When you do meet with potential podcast advertisers they will likely use two metrics to measure the success rate:
CPM (cost per mile)
CPA (cost per acquisition)

CPM helps the sponsor identify how much they want to pay per thousand downloads, views or impressions of your podcast. For example, were they to pay 400 dollars and your podcast was downloaded 6,000 times, then they had a 15 dollar CPM. Podcasts with bigger audiences would usually choose this option, since they might have an a less engaging audience than smaller and more loyal podcasts.

Podcasts with more engaging audience will typically go for the CPA option of sponsorship. Most companies will have a referral program, which means if they charge 25 dollars for signing up you can make 1,250 dollars were 50 people to sign-up because of you. Companies can also use this the same way CPM is used. They might have paid 600 dollars for the ad, leading to 150 sign-ups, resulting in a 4 dollar CPA. Understanding the metrics businesses will be using helps you pick the right advertiser for your podcast, but you still need to open communication with them.

Options to Get Sponsorships for Your Podcast

Reaching out to potential sponsors can be anxiety-inducing, but it is an attainable task. All it takes is persistence and hard work. There are three ways to get sponsorships, each coming with their own drawbacks, but it’s up to you to decide the way you want to go.

Doing It Yourself

Of course, you can reach out to sponsorships yourself. You’ll be able to decide who advertises with you and you know your audience the best. You regularly engage with them on social media websites, which means you understand what they like and how active they are with you. Although, this is all based on your own experiences and visuals, the lack of metrics to analyze it can hinder your decision.

You’ll also have to find companies willing to work with you and then actually arrange a meeting with them. As a new and independent podcaster this can be an arduous process since most companies can be frustrating to deal with. You will also have to learn how to present yourself in a way acceptable for the company. However, if you are part of a podcasting company they will be able to help you reach advertisers.

Your Media Hosting Company

Most podcasting companies already have sponsorships for their partners to work with. You’ll be able to make money more quickly, as well as avoid the hassle of finding the advertiser yourself. It is important that you still maintain your brand integrity and select advertisers who will appeal to your listeners.

A Podcast Marketing Agency

Podcast marketing agencies, like CB Radio Tours, help podcasters identify guests to share engaging content targeted for their audience and genre. They’ll push your podcast out to the right audiences across the country, maximizing your viewer base. CB Radio Tours will also arrange tours across the country to help raise your notoriety by having higher profile guests on your podcast.

These guests will help drive in listeners from their audience, as well as have more people sharing your podcast. Pushing your podcast up the iTunes chart, you’ll slowly see your numbers soar and, in turn, the amount of sponsors coming your way. They’ll see the pay-off of working with such a big viewership. Podcast marketing agencies will also be able to arrange the perfect partnerships for you. The only thing you’ll have to do is make sure your podcast is entertaining and that you are keeping track of the key metrics that the advertisers want to know about most.