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What is a Press Tour?

Watching the news station or any late night show, you’ll see a host interviewing someone. They’re usually promoting a topic, event, product or movie. A series of back-to-back interviews with the same spokesperson speaking about a similar topic with multiple programs is called a press tour. An organization, will send a spokesperson to travel across […]

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Microtargeting Through Podcast Marketing

We live in a truly glamorous time; entertainment is everywhere. Content can be easily made by anyone and shared on various platforms for everyone to see. However, this abundance in content has led to an oversaturation of media, causing a drowning feeling and a paradox of choice. People don’t know what to pick because there […]

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How Do I Get Advertisers for My Podcast?

Podcasting in recent years has propelled many of these entertainers to the limelight. Marc Maron has his own show with five seasons under its belt. Chris Hardwick is almost everywhere these days, from comic book conventions to hosting late night talk shows. Even podcasts like “Lore” and “Serial” have been adapted into TV shows. Podcasts […]

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What is the Difference Between Podcast Ads and Radio Commercials?

As the owner of a small e-business you see the tribulations ahead of you when it comes to spreading the name of your brand. You don’t have a local store people can just walk up to and enter. You must rely on the word-of-mouth, social media or your online advertisements working. However, this can be […]

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Podcast Studio NYC

If you are creating a podcast, there are many ways to improve the quality and reach a wider audience. If you are in the New York City area, you have access to a plethora of resources to grow your podcast in a variety of ways. To improve every aspect of your podcast, you can work […]

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Audio News Release Script

No matter your product or service, there is a market out there for you. Getting news about your company out to a wider audience requires a carefully crafted script. Through an audio news release, you can develop a message that is designed to be concise and focused to quickly get exposure with anybody listening to […]

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